English & Maths


It is our aim that every child in the school is able to appreciate the richness of the English language and utilise it as a versatile and precise mechanism of communication, understanding and pleasure. Close examination of sentence structure, grammar, spelling and composition are taught alongside exposure to a wide-range of genres, writing styles and critical thinking.

In addition to studying, discussing and analysing a variety of texts and forms, pupils are given the opportunity to write for a wider audience by entering national competitions and honing public speaking skills through performances and debates.

We encourage them to read widely and often, so that they develop a love of reading. During morning and lunch breaks and as part of a weekly designated library lesson, children can make use of our well-resourced library. Additional challenges set by the English Department over the holidays help to develop the habit of reading for pleasure.


Mathematics has a high profile throughout the school with the aim of producing confident mathematicians. The cyclical nature of our curriculum ensures clear progression in calculation, problem solving, reasoning, data handling and mental maths. Opportunities for bringing maths to life punctuate our curriculum and children are encouraged to think independently, organise their work logically and employ a range of strategies to solve theoretical and practical problems.

We believe that the development of reasoning skills within Mathematics is key to future success and enjoyment within and beyond the curriculum. We encourage children to be resilient and to persevere when tackling a challenge, and to view any mistakes made along the way as great opportunities for learning. Through getting the children to study each concept in a variety of different ways, we enable them to acquire mastery of the core skills and then to develop a greater depth of understanding and passion for the subject.