About The Friends of RPPS

RPPS is an inclusive and active community of children, parents and school staff. The Friends committee contributes to that community by organising social events, as well as fundraisers for the school charity. It also acts as a valuable communication channel between parents and staff, supplementing and supporting the school’s open-door policy.

The Friends of RPPS is wholly comprised of parent volunteers. All parents are welcome and encouraged to take part as much or as little as they would like to. That might include becoming a class rep, helping out at events, or simply coming along for a night out or a coffee morning.

The mission of the Friends of RPPS is:

  • To support the school community, bringing together parents, school staff and children
  • To represent parents, and act as a forum for debate, on non-academic issues
  • To raise funds for the current school charity
  • To raise funds for non-curricular projects which benefit the school and its pupils (to be nominated by parents and staff, and agreed by the Head Teacher and Friends committee).

To achieve these objectives, we will:

  • Provide relevant information to encourage parental involvement in the school community
  • Organise social events and other activities for children, parents and staff
  • Carry out fundraising activities to support school projects and the nominated school charity
  • Convene a meeting twice per term to report on upcoming activities, discuss matters of concern, and make decisions by a majority vote of the attending committee members

In support of our objectives, we will observe the following guidelines:

  • We are a not-for-profit organisation comprised of parent volunteers. The net proceeds of all social and fundraising events will either be donated to the nominated school charity or used to fund non-curricular projects that benefit the school and its pupils.
  • We will not support any school projects that involve capital works, or the purchase of basic equipment that should be provided by the school in support of the educational curriculum.
  • We will not become involved in core educational issues, or pastoral issues concerning specific children. The school has an open-door policy, and any such issues should be raised directly to the child’s class teacher, to the Head of the Lower / Upper School as appropriate, or with the Headmaster.

Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us on [email protected]


Roles of the Friends of RPPS committee:

2x Co-Chairs
  • The co-chairs are responsible for ensuring that the Friends of RPPS is effective in achieving its objectives, working closely with the Headmaster, Deputy Head and Parent Governor. They will organise a meeting of the Friends committee twice per term, as well as preparing the agenda, chairing the meeting and distributing the minutes. They will provide relevant information to all parents about Friends activities and events by sending out a weekly newsletter via www.classlist.com in addition to maintaining the calendar of Friends events on the school website.


The treasurer is responsible for maintaining the records of income and expenditure by the Friends, and provides a report on the current balance at each committee meeting. In addition, the treasurer provides the cash floats required for events, counts & banks donations, makes any approved payments from the Friends bank account, and keeps records of invoices and agreed expenses claims.


The Charity rep(s) are the main point of contact between the Friends of RPPS and the school’s nominated charity. They are responsible for working with the school and the nominated charity to plan and manage a calendar of fundraising activities throughout the academic year, and they will provide a report on all completed / upcoming events at each meeting. They are also responsible for managing the process to select a new school charity every 2 years (beginning in the Autumn term of the year following the appointment of the current charity).

Food Bank

The Food Bank rep(s) work with the school and the Hammersmith & Fulham Food Bank to organise regular collections and other fundraising activities. They are also responsible for working with the school to organise visits to the Food Bank by Year 6 pupils.

New uniform & Second-hand uniform

New Uniform

The New Uniform rep(s) are the main point of contact between parents and the school regarding feedback on items sold by the school uniform supplier (Perry Uniform). They will meet with representatives from Perry Uniform once or twice per year and present feedback at the following Friends of RPPS committee meeting.


Second-hand uniform

The Second-Hand Uniform rep(s) organise 3 x sales of second-hand uniform clothing in each academic year. They are responsible for working with the school and the co-chairs to plan and manage each sale, including recruiting parent volunteers to assist with receiving / processing donations and staffing the sale. They provide a report on the money raised from each sale at the following Friends of RPPS committee meeting.

Lost Property

The Lost Property rep(s) help to return items of lost property to their owners by organising a monthly sortation of the contents of the lost property box (outside the school library). Named items are sorted by class and sent back to the relevant classroom; unnamed items (or items named for children who no longer attend the school) are donated to charity.

School lunches

The Lunch rep(s) attend a school lunch sitting 3 times per academic year in order to observe the quality (and quantity) of the food provided to the children, as well as the cleanliness of the dining facilities and the interaction of the dining room staff with the children. Their observations are collated into a written report that is presented at the next Friends of RPPS committee meeting (and made available to all parents via the school website).

Event Coordinator(s)

The Event Coordinator(s) work closely with the school, the co-chairs, the Charity rep(s) and the class reps in order to plan and manage events such as the annual Christmas Fair and Quiz Night. They are responsible for recruiting parent volunteers to set up and staff each event, arrange the hire of equipment or entertainment providers as required, and organise decorations, catering and promotional materials.

Class reps (two per class)

Class reps are the key link between individual classes and the Friends of RPPS committee. They are responsible for bringing feedback from the parents in their class to the attention of the committee, as well as disseminating specific information from the meeting back to their class.

Each class has two class reps, one of which should attend each Friends of RPPS committee meeting. If neither rep can attend a meeting, they should find a volunteer from their class to take their place and notify the co-chairs accordingly.

Class reps serve for a minimum of one academic year. Each class should appoint their class reps in June for the following academic year, and notify the co-chairs accordingly.

The key responsibilities of a class rep are to:

  • Provide a point of contact to parents regarding practical queries about school life
  • Liaise with class teacher to recruit parent readers, volunteers for school trips etc.
  • Welcome new parents and introduce them to the rest of the class
  • Coordinate leaving cards / gifts for children & parents leaving RPPS
  • Organise class social events (coffee mornings, evening drinks, Christmas parties)
  • Coordinate gifts for teachers & teaching assistants (Christmas/end of year)
  • Attend meetings of the Friends of RPPS committee (one rep per meeting)
  • Collate queries / concerns / suggestions from parents prior to each meeting
  • Feedback on specific topics raised to parents after the meeting
  • Organise volunteers for fundraising / social events and coordinate a staffing rota



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